Mardipäev and Kadripäev are important holidays in Estonian folk calendar.
For a small nation like us it is important to keep our traditions alive and introduce them to other nations as well.
So here we go!

Girls from form 9 made some Powerpoint presentations about Mardipäev. There were 4 different presentations to start with.
The final task was sharing customs of Mardipäev with the French school so we tried to make the presentation informative and nice by combining the best parts of different works. Here you can see what came out.

We'll send the link to the Italian school (who we discussed the Halloween with) as well since they were very interested about it.
There's also a Mardipäev video where you can see how children run from house to house and how does it all work in reality :) (don't worry about the notification about the certificate... just accept, it's safe! It might take some time though, size about 90MB, in *.wmv format).

Kadripäev is similar to Mardipäev, but there are some differences too. Boys from form 9 made some presentations about Kadripäev and the material was used in a final presentation what you can see here.

Check it out and stay with us :)